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40Ah YinLong Lithium (LTO) Cell

40Ah YinLong Lithium (LTO) Cell

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This Lithium-Titanate Oxide (LTO) cell has a voltage rating of 2.3V and a capacity of 40Ah. The cell has a high continuous charge rate of 5C, making it perfect for high-power applications. You can configure these cells in many ways to build your ideal battery bank. We can also build custom bus bars tailored to your needs if required.

  • Nominal capacity: 40Ah
  • Nominal voltage: 2.3V
  • Maximum operating voltage: 2.8V
  • Minimum operating voltage: 1.5V
  • Cycle life: ≥25000 Cycles
  • Dimensions: 66*160mm
  • Stud Type: M12
  • Weight: Approx. 1.24kg
  • Operating temperature: -50℃ to 60℃ (-58°F to 140°F)

NOTE: These are manufacturer-refurbished cells and are given a "Grade A" rating, meaning they meet OEM standards during performance & load testing. Some cells may visually appear dull/worn; however, we do not re-wrap the cells to make them appear as "Brand New" since brand new YinLong 40Ah cells cost nearly $200 USD/piece and can only be bought in bulk.

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