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Powerus PW10000 Amplifier

Powerus PW10000 Amplifier

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Introducing the Powerus PW10000 amplifier, setting a new standard in consumer technology from Brazil. These amplifiers boast versatile impedance options and feature advanced protection circuits to safeguard against installation errors. Built with precision and durability, the Powerus PW10000 ensures high-quality construction with robust components, delivering a substantial declared power output with minimal distortion (0.1% THD) at a tested RMS wattage of 40Hz. Additionally, Powerus amplifiers come equipped with exclusive functions like LIMITER for an enhanced audio experience. Elevate your sound system with the cutting-edge technology of Powerus. Now available at Intricate Audio!


Supply Voltage / Power Supply 7Vdc ~ 16V dc
Resting Consumption / Consumption at Rest 2.8A
Musical Consumption / Music Consumption 570A
Cons. Max. Sinusoidal Signal 40Hz / Max. Consump. in Sinusoidal Signal 40Hz 1145A
Efficiency 75%
Input Impedance 22K Ohms
Input Sensitivity 0.25V ~ 6V
Total Harmonic Distortion / THD 0.1%
SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) > 90dB
Damping Factor 40Hz (12.6V 2 Ω) > 1000
Frequency Response 5Hz ~ 20KHz (-3dB)
Low Pass Crossover 80Hz ~ 20KHz
High Pass Crossover 5Hz ~ 200Hz
Boost Gain 0dB ~ 18dB
Variable Boost Frequency 28Hz ~ 400Hz
Variable Threshold Limiter Exclusive
Dimensions (AxHxL) mm 70x280x450
Weight 7.8Kg



Amplifier Impedance 0.5Ω
Power RMS @ 12.6V
0.5Ω 10800W 7815W 4635W 3150W
- 10800W 7815W 4635W
- - 10800W 7815W
Power RMS @ 14.4V
0.5Ω 11900W 8760W 5290W 3584W
- 11900W 8760W 5290W
- - 11900W 8760W
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